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Chris C - Overland International

The Gila Legends Expedition: For those who aren’t familiar, this five-day event leads participants over 375 miles of backroads with elevations ranging from 4,300 to 9,600 feet. Along the way they are greeted by stunning vistas, multiple water crossings, historic land marks, and plenty of wildlife including possible sightings of Mexican Grey Wolf. Jake Quinones, your guide, also keeps things interesting with facts on local culture, tales from the region’s natives, and even some personal stories from his own family’s background. For those looking to experience the real New Mexico, this trip is just about the best place to start.

Pat B

This was my 2nd trip with NMBR. Will do many more, I hope. Jake runs this like it should be run. Great guy and knows the area. Long days and lots of driving makes sleeping at night easy.

One of the best parts of the trip is It brings you together with people that like the same thing as you. Great guide and great people make this trip worth going. Got to see parts of NM and AZ that not many people get to see.

Scott C

NMBR Guide Services are exceptional. Jake's knowledge of the areas and his experience overlanding are unsurpassed.

Eric B

I went on a four day New Mexico BackRoads Overland trip, dubbed the Camino del Tesoro guided by Jake Quinones. While I grew up around 4x4 trucks, dirt bikes, family camping and some backpacking, however nothing compared to this experience.

We met up in Chamas NM with four other folks in three other Jeeps. I was a little intimidated, or nervous about the trip. Jake takes preparation to overland trips to a pretty organized level. On top of that, camping out in the wilderness with people I didn’t know, post fifty years old was a little nerving.

With that, the trip couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Although we experienced heavy rain the first night, I was comfortable and dry, and the beating rain provided me a soothing slumber. The next morning skies were brilliant, and the fall colors were spectacular.

Overall the trip far exceeded my expectations, and Jake is the Real Deal Backcountry Overland guy.

Rosa W

I recently went on Jake's ghost divide expedition after attending the overland expo. While the expo was educational for me, it was not that enjoyable (very cold and windy). However the ghost divide expedition more then made up for it. We drove through what I think is some of the most beautiful landscape in the southwest on dirt roads and double track. Every campsite was more scenic then the last. Several times a day Jake would talk about either relevant history or overloading technique. Not only enjoyable, but highly informative. I plan to do another one of his trips in the fall.

Cherie H

There are many words that can describe a Trip with NMBR and Jake, but my favorite one is PHENOMENAL! I can not say it loud enough. From the very moment that you book your trip until LONG afterwards, Jake makes you feel like family. We received an A to Z list regarding our trip and how to be successful as well as comfortable. There are checklists, a safety list as well as various articles concerning the trip.

The places we were and camped at we would NEVER have seen, as Jake took us on the roads less traveled and introduced us to a side of New Mexico we truly did not know existed. Jake tells some of the history of the lands you travel and peaks your curiosity so much so we had to head to the bookstore to quench our thirst for more information of the areas we traveled.

The scenery is fabulous , the stories are abundant and fascinating, the laughs are numerous and you find lifetime friends. NO MATTER what you drive you have to experience on of these trips!! A BUCKET LIST MUST This was our second trip with NMBR and I promise you we will be dreaming of the next trip just as we are. Thanks Jake for an amazing trip!!! We can not wait until l next year!!

Jon S

Had a blast with my dad who’s 70 years old! Thanks for the epic overland trip!

Bill A

Attended the 3 day 2019 Summer overland training. The instruction and information provided was thorough and well thought out, obviously the result of years of experience. This training gave me a solid foundation for my future overlanding adventures and I would definitely recommend it for anyone interested in overlanding.

Asif H

Did a recent trip with Jake in Gila wilderness, I was super nervous about the trip but after meeting and talking to Jake I was confident that trip would go flawlessly and it sure did!

He has such extensive knowledge of all things 4 wheeling that one immediately feels at ease with the whole process. To top it off he is an amazing human being and a consummate professional. The key aspect of this training is attention to detail and safety. There is never any compromise on safety. If I have another opportunity I would love to do another trip under his guidance.

NMBR is a premier guiding outfit. Go NMBR!

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October 2021: Fall Gila Overland [FGO]: Friday, October 22nd through Sunday, October 24th, 2021 – NMBR'S Golden Season Gila National Forest Traversal Read More
November 2021:Fall Expedition & 4WD Training [EXP-4WD]: Friday, November 12th through Sunday, November 14th, 2021 – NMBR's rugged, remote, and immersive skill building experience Read More
February 2021: Winter Gila Overland [WGO]: Friday, Feb 26th through Sunday, Feb 28th, 2021 – NMBR's Winter Season Gila National Forest Traversal Read More
March 2021: Spring El Coyote Expedition (ECE) – Friday, March 19th through Sunday, March 21st – New Mexico Gila National Forest Ultra-Traversal Read More
April 2021: Spring Expedition & 4WD Training (EXP-4WD) – Friday, April 16th through Sunday, April 18th – Southern New Mexico Training Traversal Read More
May 2021 – Spring Gila Overland (SGO) – Friday, May 14th through Sunday, May 16th – New Mexico Gila National Forest Traversal Read More
June 2021: Summer Expedition & 4WD Training (EXP-4WD) – Friday, June 11th through Sunday, June 13th – Southern New Mexico Training Traversal Read More
July 2021 – Summer El Coyote Expedition (ECE) – Friday, July 9th through Sunday, July 11th – New Mexico Gila National Forest Ultra-Traversal Read More
July 2021: River to the Sky Expedition (RTS) – Monday, July 26th through Thursday, July 29th – New Mexico and Colorado Traversal Read More
August 2021: Banditos Expedition (BEX) – Monday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 5th, 2021 – Full-size truck tour and rugged backroads traverse of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico Read More
August 2021: Overland Expo Mountain West Based Adventure: Rockies Road Trip (RRT) – Monday, August 23rd through Thursday, August 26th – Colorado Traversal to the Overland Expo Mountain West Read More

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