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Bart T

We did the River to Sky Expedition with my 13 year old daughter and absolutely loved it! Such a great adventure. Perfect group size. Jake is a total perfectionist. Everything about the trip was great. The route was spectacular, leading you through the hills and rivers of Northern New Mexico, vast open spaces of Taos Plateau, and alpine scenery of San Juan Mountains. Camping spots were carefully chosen in scenic and remote places.Great group of otherwise random people, quickly becoming overlanding friends.

Multiple tips about basic car preparation, maintenance and wilderness preparedness were definitely a plus. Really impressed with how the Tread Lightly principles were emphasized throughout the trip. Will be coming back for more!

Kelly B

Hands down, best guide in New Mexico. We had an amazing overlanding experience through a beautiful part of New Mexico. The amount of education during the trip will not be found elsewhere.

Tyler S

I went on NMBR's 3 day Gila Overland trip and I can't say enough good things about it. Jake is extremely knowledgeable in all things overlanding, camping, New Mexico, and the wilderness in general. He is very easy to get along with and takes his job as a guide seriously. I always felt comfortable with him leading the way.

The days are filled with 4x4 driving, sightseeing, learning about the history of the area, and vehicle maintenance. I highly recommend NMBR to anybody who is considering it.

Christa P

Jake is a great guide and a true professional. Our five day trip through the Gila proceeded flawlessly. Jake's help with pre-trip planning allowed to arrive prepared and confident. My husband and I look very much forward to our next trip with Jake!

Jens J

I went on the 5 day 500mile Ghost Divide with Jake and NWBR's and had a blast! Jake is the real deal, you will really enjoy it!

Ryan B

Upon first glance, you might be tempted to be skeptical or even dismissive of nothing but 5-star reviews on here, but let me just clarify that there is a very good reason for that. Jake has to be one of the most relaxed professionals in the overlanding and guiding industry.

I have always enjoyed road trips and overland travel in the wide open west. Combine that with his passion for his backyard, the Gila National Forest of which he enjoyed growing up, shining through in the historical anecdotes, and it just adds richness and enjoyment to the whole experience. He has a precise attention to detail, and you will see this in the extensive pre-trip preparations, whether through carefully constructed articles or simple advice to make the trip safer and more enjoyable.

He was always available and gladly willing to help, whether I needed some adjustments under the hood, or there was a better way to secure my shovel on my tire carrier. His guidance is not just about how to overland travel, but how to do it WELL. I have not only gained valuable overlanding knowledge and attention to detail from him, I have also gained a long-distance friendship that I intend to maintain.

I will absolutely be returning for a new journey on New Mexico Backroads. If you ever have had interest in how to properly go about self-sufficient overland travel, with a pressure-free and supportive small group, this is it.

Dennis L

Thank you Jake for a wonderful back road experience. The Camino del Tesoro trip was so well planned, right down to the leaf changes in Sangre de Cristo's; I am still wondering how you did that trick. You are a true professional and look forward to another NMBR adventure.

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May 2023: Ghost Divide Expedition XL [GDE-XL]: Monday, May 22nd through Thursday, May 25th - Adventure after the 2023 Overland Expo West Read More
June 2023: Summer Expedition & 4WD Training (EXP-4WD) – Friday, June 16th through Sunday, June 18th – Southern New Mexico Training Traversal Read More
July 2023: Gila Legends Expedition [GLE]: Friday, July 14th through Monday, July 17th - NMBR's Grand Traverse of the Gila Region Read More
July 2023: River to the Sky Expedition (RTS) – Saturday, July 22nd through Tuesday, July 25th – New Mexico and Colorado Traversal Read More
August 2023 – El Coyote Expedition (ECE) – Friday, August 4th through Sunday, August 6th – New Mexico Gila National Forest Ultra-Traversal Read More
August 2023: Overland Expo Mountain West Based Adventure: Rockies Road Trip (RRT) – Monday, August 21st through Thursday, August 24th – Colorado Traversal to the 2023 Overland Expo Mountain West Read More
September 2023: Banditos Expedition (BEX) – Monday, September 18th through Thursday, September 21st – Full-size truck tour and rugged backroads traverse of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico Read More
September 2023: Camino del Tesoro (CDT) – Friday, September 22nd through Monday, September 25th – Spectacular Fall Scenery Colorado and New Mexico Traversal Read More
October 2023: Fall Expedition & 4WD Training [EXP-4WD]: Friday, October 27th through Sunday, October 29th – NMBR's rugged, remote, and immersive skill building experience Read More
November 2023: Fall Gila Overland [FGO]: Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th – NMBR'S Golden Season Gila National Forest Traversal Read More

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