The Essentials: NMBR’s Overland, Expedition, & EXP-4WD Training Checklist

In order to participate in NMBR’s tours and training courses, minimum driver, vehicle, equipment & provision essentials requirements must be met. This checklistprovides a categorized breakdown to help prospective participants properly prepare and gear up for the NMBR experience and beyond.

Driver Requirements

Ability and willingness to drive, camp, and function for three-days (minimum) fully self-supported in a remote backcountry setting. Previous four-wheel drive vehicle off-pavement driving experience and camping experience. Driver/s must possess valid driver’s license, insurance, and be over the age of 18.

4WD Vehicle Requirements

  • High clearance 4WD vehicle equipped with selectable high/low range transfer case. See appropriate overland vehicle examples on NMBR’s FAQ page.
  • Vehicle must be highway legal, registered, plated, and insured with functional seatbelts, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, healthy battery, and emergency brake.
  • Vehicle must be in good working and mechanical condition with any known mechanical issues should be addressed before NMBR trip/tour.
  • Vehicle must have 31-inch tall (or taller) all-terrain or mud-terrain tires (in good condition) and matching height spare tire.
  • Vehicle must have solid front and rear recovery points (frame mounted hooks/loops, sold bumper mounted shackle hangers or loops, etc.).
  • Vehicle must have solid (body mounted) interior cargo securing hooks/loops for safely lashing cargo/equipment.

Vehicle Related Equipment Requirements

  • Vehicle’s owner’s manual
  • Safe and functional bottle jack or factory supplied jack and jack base/platform to accommodate any added height from suspension lift (base/platform if applicable)
  • Lug-nut wrench and lug nut lock keys (lock keys if applicable)
  • Tire repair and patch kit
  • Portable or onboard air compressor, air hose, tire inflation/deflation chucks/devices, tire pressure gauge
  • Jumper cables
  • If vehicle’s fuel range is less than 250-miles for mixed 2WD and 4WD (high/low range) off-pavement driving conditions, a minimum of five additional gallons of fuel will be necessary. Spare fuel will need to be stored/transported in fuel-safe containers that are securely lashed or mounted outside of vehicle
  • Ratchet straps and/or cargo netting to safely secure interior and/or exterior cargo/equipment
  • Durable trash bags and means to securely store trash (fabric or dry bag recommended)
  • Spade or round tipped shovel
  • Basic recovery kit: loop ended snatch recovery strap, bow shackles with screw pins or soft shackles depending on application, receiver hitch type bow shackle hanger

Off-Road Trailer Requirements

For those planning on pulling off-road type trailers,please check with NMBR that your trailer is appropriate for the specific tour or training route you are interested in. Trailers must be equipped with spare tire, towing safety chains, tongue jack, turn signals, emergency brake, trailer brakes, and brake lights. Towing vehicle must be equipped with the appropriate frame mounted receiver hitch and trailer brake controller.

Tools Kit Requirements (if applicable)

  • Tool Kit: A basic tool kit that matches vehicle’s nuts, bolts, and fastening hardware including: an assortment of ratchet handles, sockets, combination wrenches, bits/drivers, pry bar/s, hammer, pliers, duct tape, zip-ties, bailing wire, rags, eye protection, gloves, fuses, tire repair kit, and other basic tools/supplies. See NMBR’s Life on the Road: Purposeful Provisions article for more information on overland kit assembly.
  • Radio:NMBR utilizes2-way FRS handheld radios for trail communications. Participants will need to bring an FRS radio and radio charger (or extra batteries). NMBR does not utilize CB radios nor are the compatible with FRS radios.

Camping Equipment & Provisions Requirements

  • Clothing, outerwear, underwear/layers, durable footwear, accessories/personals suitable for seasonal trip/tour temperatures and weather conditions
  • Shelter (be it in-vehicle, RTT, ground tent, camper, etc.) and sleeping gear appropriate for seasonal trip/tour temperatures and weather conditions
  • Onboard water supply sufficient for 3-days (between resupply) at a recommended amount of two to three gallons per day for drinking, cooking and cleaning
  • Nutritious and wholesome food supply adequate for 3 days (between resupply)
  • Food preparation and cooking provisions including: stove, fuel, pots, pans, cutting board, knives, can opener, spatula, plates, bowls, cups, mugs, utensils, dish scrubber or sponge, biodegradable soap, dish cleaning gear, and sanitizer/disinfectant
  • Chilled food storage (if applicable): Overland travel appropriate chilled food storage such as high insulation type cooler (capable of holding ice for three or more days) or energy efficient onboard fridge
  • Day to day personal use items and toiletries such as: quick-dry towels/rags, body clean items, toilet paper, wet wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, over the counter meds, etc.
  • Basic portable toilet, toilet tissue and toilet bags (for solid human waste—Forest Service vault toilets will be few and far between
  • Additional items such as: reliable and efficient portable lighting including head lamp, lanterns, flashlight with strobe function, etc.

Navigation Requirements

  • Depending on the NMBR trip/tour location, participants will need to bring the appropriate large-format topographic state atlas (Benchmark and Delorme brands atlases are recommended)
  • Compass and GPS device (or cell-based GPS application that allows for use when cell service is not available).

Emergency and Additional Equipment Requirements

  • Fire extinguisher and first-aid kit
  • Additional items such as: water treatment and/or filtering device, UV light, and/or purification tablets, multi-tool (such as SOG or Leatherman), leather or heavy-duty mechanics gloves, brimmed hat, poncho or rain gear, and lighters or matches

Have questions about gearing up for a NMBR adventure?

Please email jake@newmexicoblackrange.com or utilize the contact box below for questions and feedback regarding trip/tour preparations. The self-sufficient and educational aspect of NMBR’s guided overland adventures and in-field overland training programs challenges and prepares individuals for their future four-wheel drive and overland based endeavors.

Published on: 
July 22, 2020

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