September 2023: Banditos Expedition (BEX) – Monday, September 18th through Thursday, September 21st – Full-size truck tour and rugged backroads traverse of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico

Banditos Expedition [BEX] Ready for your next great (full-sized) adventure?

Monday, September 18th through Thursday, September, 21st, 2023 – Full-size truck tour and rugged backroads traverse of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico – Guided by NMBR’s Jake Quinones

BEX Preview

Visit NMBR’s Colorado Exploration photo gallery to preview portions of the BEX the route. LINK - https://bit.ly/2Daxcje

BEX Overview

NMBR’s Colorado and New Mexico overland traversal route specifically tailored for capable full-sized 4WD trucks. Areas of exploration will include the Sawatch Range, Sangre de Christo Mountains and San Juan Mountains.

Southern Colorado & Northern New Mexico // 4 Days & 3 Nights // Approximate Route Distance: 250-Miles // Approximate Elevation Range: 7,000 to 12,000 ft.

Important: Please inquire with NMBR to ensure your full-sized truck’s capabilities, equipment, and dimensions are appropriate for the Banditos Expedition.

The Experience

This September, New Mexico Black Range will be guiding a four-day full-sized truck tour and expedition that follows some of Colorado and New Mexico’s best backroads. The Banditos Expedition route and experience is specifically geared towards capable full-sized pick-up trucks. Landscape features will include high desert, chaparral, dense forest, and alpine with elevations ranging from 6,500 to 12,500-feet. Areas of exploration will include Sawatch Range, Sangre de Christo Mountains and San Juan Mountains. Road types and conditions will include washboards, two tracks, primitive non-maintained, graded, mountain shelf, dirt byway, and (least of all) pavement. The BEX will provide outstanding views, an incredible range of scenery, backcountry camping, and aggressive elevation contours. Please note: Due to the vast amount of terrain that must be covered during the BEX, this expedition is geared towards overlanders that “drive to thrive”—meaning the trip will feature long drive days, widely varying road types/conditions, and minimal instruction/education sessions. For those individuals seeking an overland experience provides more skills training and educational content, NMBR’s Gila Overland, Gila Legends Expedition, EXP-4WD Training, and Camino del Tesoro may provide better suited options.

Where, When & Pricing

The Banditos Expedition will take place Monday, September 18th through Thursday, September, 21st, 2023. Trip departure and conclusion locations will be provided during the registration process. The BEX start and finish point/location details will be provided during the registration process. Pricing for single driver (single participant) is $1,061.00 (plus tax). Pricing for each additional participant in vehicle (passengers, second drivers, minors) is $894.00 (plus tax).

More about NMBR’s trips/tours

New Mexico Black Range’s expeditions and overland adventures involve long drive days traversing remote backroads, primitive two tracks, and forest roads, and making camp deep in the backcountry. While NMBR’s overland adventure and expedition routes are rugged, for the most part, they do not include the rock gardens, dry waterfalls, and boulder scaling associated with most single day trail rides (or rock crawling). If you are looking to engage your lockers and conquer tough trail obstacles akin to King of the Hammers or the Dusy Ershim, this particular trip offering may not be suited for you. The challenge of an NMBR expedition or overland adventure involves hundreds of miles of demanding road conditions, long drive days, varying weather, high altitude, multiple days without access to fuel or resupply services, and being fully self-supportive in an outdoor/overland setting.

Planning & Preparations

The Banditos Expedition will require participants to be self-supportive with regards to vehicle, equipment, meals, and supplies. Services or re-supply of any kind, including cell signals, fuel, food, water, or anything remotely civilized, will be unavailable for stretches of up to 150 miles or more (if re-routes occur).

Go Boldly with NMBR - Over the past decade, NMBR has written a series of informative overland travel-based articles (NMBR’s Field Preparedness Manual) with topics ranging from field kit assembly, to vehicle maintenance and upkeep, to equipment and gear advice. These articles, paired with extensive checklists and instructions, are provided to registered participants as a solid foundation for what to expect, how to prepare, and what to bring for the adventure. During the RTS pre-trip planning and preparation period, NMBR will be available to provide expert opinions and feedback to registered participants for any questions or concerns related to getting ready and gearing up for the adventure. The self-sufficient aspect of NMBR guided expeditions, overland adventures, and training courses challenges and prepares participants for their future 4WD based endeavors—to go boldly, prepared, and with confidence.


Ready for your next great (full-sized) adventure? If you are interested in joining NMBR's Bantitos Expedition, or would like to receive extended details for experience, please email jake@newmexicoblackrange.com and additional driver/equipment requirements and registration information will be provided.

New Mexico Black Range LLC is an equal opportunity provider operating under a special permit administered by the USDA Forest Service, Carson National Forest, Rio Grande National Forest, BLM Gunnison, Gunnison National Forest, and Pike - San Isabel National Forests

Published on: 
January 8, 2023

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